Sandwich with tahini mayo and vegan ham

Dressini recipe

Sandwich with tahini mayo and vegan ham

Did you know tahini is the ideal vegan mayonnaise replacement? Just use it as you would use mayo. Our dressings contain a good amount of protein so you can be sure you aren't just eating pure oil like you would with conventional vegan mayonnaise

Works best with following dressings:


  • Bread roll
  • Hummus or vegan butter
  • Lettuce
  • Sliced cucumber and tomato
  • Quorn vegan ham slices (optional)
  • Dressini Garlic & Herb tahini dressing


Cut a bread roll in half and toast.

Then either add hummus or vegan butter (or your bread spread of choice).

Top with lettuce, sliced cucumber and tomato and Quorn vegan ham sliced.

Drizzle our Dressini Garlic & Herb dressing on top and enjoy!

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