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Find out how the idea for our tahini dressings were born

Philipp Ertl, CEO

Philipp Ertl from Dressini / Exceedinglyvegan

Tahini Turmeric and Ginger Tahini

Philipp’s favourite is the sunny turmeric & ginger tahini dressing

Dressini was created by Philipp Ertl, who is also the founder of Exceedinglyvegan.com, one of the most popular recipe blogs in the UK.

A few years ago Philipp decided to turn around his life, gave up smoking from one day to the next and transitioned to a plant-based diet. He wanted to inspire other people as well so he developed his own easy- to follow plant-based recipes and shared them on his blog.

When he started using tahini in his recipes it was love at first sight. It wasn’t just the perfect ingredient in terms of taste but it’s also super nutritious, high in calcium, protein and a perfect dairy-replacement.

So Philipp made it his mission to make this amazing ingredient more accessible and came up with the idea of delicious tahini dressings - Dressini was born.

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Exceedinglyvegan.com is one of the UK’s most popular vegan recipe blogs with easy to make recipe videos that have been viewed millions of times.

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Stephanie Sadjak, CMO

Stephanie Sadjak

Stephanie is our strategic marketing & sales and business development expert as well as co-founder of Dressini.

She is the founder of nobl marketing & sales and works with clients in the lifestyle industry improving their performance and creating sustainable growth in the UK and the DACH region. 

Stephanie successfully managed brand and launch campaigns for Coty Inc. Europe, one of the biggest cosmetic companies worldwide.

Dressini Beetroot and Garlic

Stephanie is going totally tutti beetrooti for our beetroot & garlic tahini dressing.

Georg Ertl, CTO


Georg is our tech wizzard, usability expert and co-founder of Dressini.

He was involved from the very start before our Dressinis were even born, by developing the www.exceedinglyvegan.com website, which now has over 130,000 page views a month.

As a creative as well as logical thinker he's always up to date on the latest digital developments, SEO and neuromarketing strategies.

He is an award-winning web designer who has developed web projects for Fortune 500 companies as well as helping independent companies thrive in a crowded market.

Tahini Herb and Garlic Dressing

Georg is our happy herbie and loves the versatiliy of our herb & garlic dressing.

Christoph Lausecker, Advisor Finance & Legal

Chris L. CFO

Christoph is a non-executive director and co-founder of Dressini and advises us on everything numbers-related as well as legal topics.

Christoph is a finance professional with extensive experience in corporate finance, accounting, controlling and project management.

He currently works as Principal for a private debt fund in London where he focuses on debt investments in fast growing companies across Europe.

Christoph’s previous experience includes roles in investment banking and a Big 4 accounting firm.

Tahini Herb and Garlic Dressing
Tahini Turmeric and Ginger Tahini
Tahini Beetroot and Garlic Dressing

Chris is a fellow foodie and just couldn’t decide which dressing he likes more so he chose all of them.
A true connoisseur.

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Dressini Herb and Garlic

Garlic & Herb
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Dressini Turmeric and Ginger

Turmeric & Ginger
Tahini Dressing

Dressini Beetroot and Garlic

Beetroot & Garlic
Tahini Dressing

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