Dress it,

dip it, mix it,
get saucy!

Our dressings were developed to be super versatile and easy to use with lots of different dishes. Don’t just stick to salads, get really creative on how to use our dressings. Below are a few suggestions on how to enjoy them:

• In Salads
• With BBQ dishes
• As picnic dips or spreads
• In Buddha bowls
• Over rice dishes
• Over roasted veggies
• Stirred into mash

• In soups
• As pesto (heavenly in pasta!)
• In warming stews
• In curries
• Drizzle over roasts
• In casseroles

Our dressings are always in season

A super easy veggie rice recipe for any season that can be prepared really quickly. We recommend refining this dish with our turmeric and ginger…

Works with every dressing:


When it’s cold outside this courgette soup really warms you up from the inside. Add some garlic and herb dressing and you are ready to go.

Works best with following dressings:


Our dressings and salads are a perfect match. And with a high protein content they are the ideal fitness companion for this delicious protein salad.

Works with every dressing:


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Dressini Turmeric and Ginger

Turmeric & Ginger
Tahini Dressing

Dressini Beetroot and Garlic

Beetroot & Garlic
Tahini Dressing

Dressini Herb and Garlic

Herb & Garlic
Tahini Dressing

Deocrative Strip

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