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Tahini is THE middle Eastern staple food, which is served with almost every meal. If you asked anyone there what would be the food they could never live without, then it would definitely be tahini. And for good reason!

Tahini is made from ground sesame seeds and often served as a dip on its own and it’s what makes hummus and baba ghanoush so creamy and delicious (the more tahini, the better the hummus). It’s also know for it’s health benefits and even traditionally used as a natural cure for various ailments.


High calcium content

High calcium content:

High in calcium: with almost 4x the calcium content of milk, it’s one of the best sources of non-dairy calcium.

Goes skin deep

Goes skin deep:

It is high in unsaturated fat (good fat!) and thus helps to maintain healthy skin.

B vitamin booster

B vitamin booster:

It’s high in B1/2/3/5 and B15, which boost energy and brain function.

High in iron

High in iron:

High in iron: Tahini boasts a high iron content. It has 2.3 mg/2 tbsp tahini.

Rich in minerals

Rich in minerals:

Tahini is rich in minerals such as phosphorus, lecithin, magnesium & potassium.

Promotes health

Promotes health:

Promotes health: Tahini also contains vitamin E which helps protect against heart disease and stroke.

High in protein

High in protein:

It has 20% complete protein, making it a higher protein source than most nuts.

Good for detoxifiction

Good for detoxifiction:

It’s a good source of methionine, which aids in liver detoxification.

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