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We love tahini, it gives us life! It’s full of nutrients, the perfect dairy replacement, and so delicious! So we wanted to bring the goodness of tahini to you in the form of truly versatile, vibrant plant-based tahini dressings which are:

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Sun seeker

Dressini Turmeric and Ginger

Turmeric & Ginger
Tahini Dressing

Tutti beetrooti

Dressini Beetroot and Garlic

Beetroot & Garlic
Tahini Dressing

Happy herbie

Dressini Herb and Garlic

Herb & Garlic
Tahini Dressing


Calcium is life

is life.

Our dressings are a Source of Non-dairy calcium

We chose tahini as a base ingredient because of its high calcium content:
With almost 4x the calcium of milk, tahini is one of the best sources of non-dairy calcium, and naturally plant-based.

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Find out how the idea for our tahini dressings were born

Philipp Ertl from Dressini / Exceedinglyvegan

Dressini was created by Philipp Ertl, who is also the founder of Exceedinglyvegan.com, one of the most popular recipe blogs in the UK.

When he started using tahini in his recipes he realised the potential of this amazing ingredient and wanted to bring it to a wider audience. The idea of Dressini was born.

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