What makes our tahini so special?

What makes our tahini so special?

We are working with the finest, local tahini manufacturer in the UK who has the highest production standards

When choosing our tahini supplier for our dressings it was important that the tahini was guaranteed free from preservatives, whiteners, toxins or any additives which are sometimes used in tahini production. And the quality of sesame seeds was also an important factor.

And we found a great UK-based producer who in fact only also use the best quality sesame seeds from established growers across the world. They also don’t add any additional ingredients to their tahini, unlike other producers.

That means the only ingredient that goes into the tahini we use in our dressing is 100% pure sesame - and nothing else. This was especially important to us because imported tahini can sometimes vary in quality and contain additives like whiteners (e.g. titanium dioxide), preservatives, and even peanuts, which can be dangerous to allergy sufferers. That’s why we chose to work with our local producer, which has a SALSA food certification, to ensure our tahini fulfils consistent quality standards.

But the most important part is the taste. With advanced technology used to roast and grind the tahini the taste is incredible. And texture, and nutrition in our tahini is unparalleled too. Because it’s plant-based and also contains more protein than milk, tahini is a great vegan substitute over animal protein sources.

Since our tahini is produced here in the UK and then processed in our UK factory where our tahini dressings are mixed, our carbon footprint is lower too!

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