Our Dressini tahini dressings - the story behind

Our Dressini tahini dressings - the story behind

Find out how we got the idea to our delicious tahini dressings and why we love them so much

The idea to our dressing came at a networking drink Philipp had with one of his friends Jenifer Pardoe from PB&Co. They were talking about the amazing health benefits of tahini and how to get people to buy more of this superfood. Tahini isn’t the easiest ingredient to work with and even he sometimes gets the ratio of water, lemon juice and salt wrong to make a delicious dressing. Then suddenly Philipp had the idea that if you could get ready-mixed dressings in the shop then it would be much easier for people to use tahini. The idea for Dressini was born.

Philipp then shared the idea with his business partner, who immediately was on board. So now we only needed a name. But that came very easy – Dressini! The name is a mix between the words dressing and tahini and it just felt right.

Now that we had the name we only had to find a manufacturer who would produce them for us. Much easier said than done but we managed quite quickly to get out first production run sorted.

Meanwhile we also ran a Kickstarter campaign to help us finance the first production! Luckily, and thanks to a lot of Philipp’s followers from Exceedinglyvegan.com and friends and family, we even got overfunded! And that was our foundation to get the ball rolling.

We have improved our recipe a few times over time to make it last longer without using preservatives and also make them more delicious! And our efforts and hard work has paid off.

Now you can get Dressini in Whole Foods Market and more and more selected shops. You can also buy our dressing online on various websites. We hope you enjoy our dressings as much as we do. If you like to see new flavours please email us, we are always open to new recipe ideas.

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