What is tahini?

What is tahini?

If you always wondered what tahini is and what it’s used for then this article will shed light on this nutritional powerhouse.


Where does tahini come from?

Tahini, also also known as tahina or tahine, is made with sesame seeds and is a Middle Eastern staple food. Originally tahini was a byproduct of sesame oil production in the medieval times, but it soon became a well-loved ingredient. Though being especially popular in the Middle East, tahini is also used in Chinese, Vietnamese and even Indian cuisine.


How is tahini made?

Sesame seeds are ground into a paste which is the basis for any tahini dressing or sauce. The paste has a slightly bitter and nutty or earthy taste. That’s why it’s traditionally mixed with water and lemon juice to neutralise the bitterness, and then seasoned with salt. This is how you would normally enjoy tahini. It’s a bit tricky to get the exact amount of lemon juice, water and salt right because tahini behaves in unpredictable ways when mixed. First it looks like it’s separating, then it slowly smoothens and then all of a sudden it thickens. So it can take some experience to get the consistency right. That’s why we already mixed in water, lemon juice and salt into our tahini dressings to make them ready to enjoy at an instant.


Tortilla wrap with falafel and fresh salad vegan

If you ever had a falafel wrap then you would’ve enjoyed the amazing taste of a tahini sauce or dressing.


What does it taste like?

Tahini is also one of the main ingredients of hummus and its what makes hummus so delicious. If you ever made hummus without tahini you will know. It’s the creamy, dairy-like flavour that got us hooked at Dressini because the taste of tahini is so delicious! You can use it just like sour cream, yoghurt, instead of mayonnaise (but vegan and healthy), refine soups (add it just like you would add cream)  or even as a bread spread, like hummus. This versatility makes it the ideal dairy-replacement, especially also because of its nutritional properties.


Why is tahini good for you?

Tahini is a superfood. In its paste form it contains more protein, calcium and iron than milk. It’s high in fibre and most fats in tahini are considered good fats which will keep you fuller for longer and can help to lower cholesterol. It is also a source of copper, selenium, phosphorous and zinc.

Isn’t tahini one of the most fascinating foods on the planet? Because it’s healthy AND delicious, you get the best of both worlds and it’s the ideal base for our delicious dressings.


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